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Central City Underground is a fan podcast about The Flash on CW. We discuss each week's episode, theorize on what might happen next, and share listener feedback out each episode.

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Mar 30, 2017

Thoughts from Joe....

He's a Magic Man

Oh, I'm a happy camper. One of my favorite members of the Rogues Gallery has finally made his long-overdue appearance. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen, put your hands together for...Abra Kadabra!!

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Mar 24, 2017

​Some thoughts from Joe on The Flash, Season 3, Episode 17: Duet

A Song in Your Heart

And so, I make a confession. One I rarely admit to, but is true all the same.

My first two years in college, I was in the...musical theatre department.

It's true. There's a reason I keep bursting into songs in these podcasts. I'm an...

Mar 18, 2017

Love's Hard

As Michiganders, Tony and I have to occasionally deal with the fact that winter can be an utter beast. This past week, we (like hundreds of thousands of MI homes) lost power. Not for a few minutes, not for a few hours, but for a few days. As such, the podcast had to become TWO podcasts in one, you lucky...

Mar 3, 2017

Sometimes you go to Planet of the Apes. Sometimes Planet of the Apes comes to you.

I imagine it'll come as no surprise when I say how much I dug this episode. Of Grodd, Barry said "He's evolving." Dang right he is. More than any episode to date, we're finally seeing Grodd go from being a sympathetic, tortured beast to a...