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Central City Underground is a fan podcast about The Flash on CW. We discuss each week's episode, theorize on what might happen next, and share listener feedback out each episode.

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Aug 28, 2014

This wasn't supposed to happen... I didn't realize I was transmitting. I'm not even sure HOW I transmitted. I never hacked any frequency. I'm not sure who will hear this... if anyone... Miss Ice was arrested and I'm on the run. If anyone in The Underground has any resources... we could use your help.


Aug 21, 2014

Who needs an hour long of commercial free jazz when Central City Underground needs to transmit? We're back with another transmission! In this special edition of Central City Underground we spend a lot of time talking about how a lot of casting news is revealing a broader arc of DC characters and what that possibly means...

Aug 14, 2014

In this transmission from Central City Underground, we save you from the dulcet tones of WCCU Radio once again and interject with a fun and enlightening conversation with Greg Weisman of Young Justice. Weisman's credits are deep and wide and we discuss old and current projects alike, including a relatively new medium...

Aug 7, 2014

The rogue agents of truth are back! We, Shadow and Miss Ice, were able to successfully complete a second transmission and have it here, recorded for you, in case you weren't able to tap into the right frequency when we hijacked the Central City Police Department's dispatch radio. In case it was unclear from their first...